Cool porridge

Cool porridge

Hot days. Cool porridge: the benefits of soaking combined with minimal effort.coolporridge1

For one person, you will need:

– 1.5 dl of glutenfree oats and/or gluten-free muesli
– 300 ml of water
– 1 tsp each of Corinthian raisins, melon and sunflower seeds
– 1 tbsp psyllium seeds
– 1-2 dates, or 1 fig cut in pieces
– 0.5 tsp each of powdered cinnamon and cardamom; a pinch of turmeric
– walnuts

Place all ingredients in a bowl, mix and let soak overnight. In the morning, add some liquid if necessary, and top with fresh fruit of your choice. I always dust the fruit with some extra cardamom – it’s such a delightful combination!

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    1. thechickonapea

      Thank you aspoonfulofnature! I love soaking my oats 🙂

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