Cup of Chai

Cup of Chai

A good cup of chai is like poetry – it talks to your heart.

After a gym session this morning it was time for a snack and a spiced tea. Chai is all about the right proportions, so a recipe is not out of place.  Here I am sharing what I have learned from my Indian friend Kh. who so kindly invited me to her home for a live tutorial and some tea-time bliss in bustling Amdavad some years back.




Chai can be spiced in many different ways, but  I still find the simple ginger version so divinely good. It awakens emotions – try it!

For one cup you will need:

200 ml + water
100  ml + milk (I used oatmilk)
1 rounded teaspoon of plain black tea
1 cm fresh ginger grated (approximate, not an exact science!)
Sugar or sweetener of your choice ( I used some stevia)

  • Put the water, tea and grated ginger in a pot on medium to low heat.
  • Simmer until the tea has started infusing well into the water.
  • Add the milk and the sugar and let all the ingredients come together in a soft simmer.
  • Serve in your favorite cup and just enjoy.

Some chai thoughts:

– The + tells you you can add a bit more than the quantity of water and milk stated, given that some liquid will evaporate.

– Observe the ratio 2 parts water and – min – 1 part milk, too little milk and the result will be weird, you want that nice warm colour!

– The tea and the milk have to simmer together, you don’t get a chai just by adding milk to a cup of tea.


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