I made my own mustard for the first time before Christmas and since then, I have produced a couple of jars. I have never been a mustard lover, although I really like popping some mustard seeds when cooking vegetables. I have come to realise that a wholesome mustard paste is a very interesting and healthy condiment that should not be reduced to accompanying hot dogs.

Making home made mustard is extremely cheap, fun and easy. Mustard owes its pungent taste, reminiscent to that of wasabi, to an organic compound they have in common, Allyl Isothiocyanate.mustard

For a jar of mustard you just need to soak 50 ml each of yellow and brown mustard seeds (a total of 100 ml) in 50 ml vinegar and 100 ml water, overnight.


  • Grind the seeds with the soaking liquid in a blender until you obtain a coarse grain mustard paste.
  • Add 50 ml of a good-quality oil, half a teaspoon of rock-salt and a tablespoon of honey and mix to combine.
  • Place in a well cleaned glass jar, close the lid and refrigerate.


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