Collapsable Asian style noodle soup

Collapsable Asian style noodle soup

I have been installing myself in a new kitchen. This is a great way to realise what is staple in your diet. Some of the first things I stocked up on were flax-seed, buckwheat, red lentils, olive oil, tamari shoyu and the necessary spices…Enough stuff to not cram the cupboards, but still allow for creativity.

I do have a penchant for the aesthetics of Asian food…So one of my favourite dishes lately has been Asian style buckwheat-noodle soup, inspired by a soup tasted once in Kyushu, South Japan.soupinside

I like to call it an ‘IKEA soup’ as it can be collapsed into a flat package, thus making for a great lunchbox option.

I boil some buckwheat noodles that are not only gluten-free, but also really fast-cooking. Then I prepare some more goodies to go into the soup, depending on my mood and what I have in my fridge and cupboards:

Sliced Japanese style omelet
Braised cherry tomatoes
Stir-fried spring onions
Thinly sliced raw, or roasted zucchini
Steamed carrots and celery
Roasted nuts
Roasted or boiled pumpkin and sweet potato

The only thing missing then is the broth. An organic stock cube and  some water are enough. This soup is also great for a dinner party – not two soup-bowls will look the same…

If you want to take the soup with you in your hand-bag, no problem. You’ll just need a stock cube and some boiling water to revive it.mysoup

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