Frozen berry dreams

Frozen berry dreams

During the warm months, I relish in berries.

These tiny vitamin bombs that hide in the woods or grow in open fields  during summer are not only healthy.  Thanks to their versatile taste and great looks, they can be used to  spruce up many a meal, from sweet to savoury. Recently,  I have been using them to make a  frozen, ice cream-like cereal for breakfast. I think I’m hooked!

For one person you will need:

Approx 150-200 gr frozen berries  – the berrier, the merrier

For the soak:

0.5 dl oats  (or muesli)
2 dates, pitted
0.5 tbsp flax seed
1 tbsp psyllium seed husks
1.5 dl water
tiny pinch of salt

Soak the grains overnight. In the morning, mix the berries and the grains together in a blender  until smooth & fluffy. Should be enjoyed while still deliciously cool.

NB: Soaking grains is an old practice that helps extract nutrition from the grains all while neutralising anti-nutrients that can block the absorption of other good stuff ingested through  our diet.  frozenberryporridge3

If you can’t part with your morning serving of dairy,  blend 2 dl of yoghurt with a portion of frozen berries instead. muesli


Any way you like it, freshness  and excitement are guaranteed.

2 thoughts on “Frozen berry dreams

  1. Shine On Be.U.tiful

    This looks so good! I love little cute desserts like this!

    1. thechickonapea

      I’m happy you find it appetizing. I am relishing in these combos! 🙂

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