Polaroid Lunch

I am a bit cranky today, I admit.

That darn pea is not letting me sleep properly. Tststs…

On the bright side, I had a nice lunch. I am gluten-free and very occasionally consume g-f pasta, so when I had some left-overs from yesterday’s dinner,  I saw a rare window of opportunity that had to be acted upon. It begged for ‘macaroni pudding’!

Oh, this is really a taste from the eighties… This is what my mother would make out of leftover pasta, by adding some egg, milk and  veggies.

I cut the corn spaghetti into pieces and made a confetti of red and yellow peppers. I cut two spring onions finely and added some dots of green peas 🙂



Then I just mixed the pasta with the veggies, one egg and 100 ml soy milk, some olive oil, fresh basil straight from the pot, salt and pepper. I placed the tin in a small oven plate and baked it in 170 C until ready.

With my hunger stilled and my spirits somehow elevated I am preparing for going out on a long walk. Rain or shine.

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