Soup out of Nothing

Soups make for such lovely meals – versatile, nourishing and soothing.

My grandmother used to tell this story about a stingy old woman who was lured into putting together a hearty soup, thinking that she was making soup out of a wall nail.

Only the nail had to be accompanied by a potato, the potato needed some carrot, the carrot called for some cabbage, the cabbage for some parsnip and so on…

That’s a little bit how soups come into being. By combining ingredients on a whim, by using left-overs, or by cooking by the book.


This is an example of a clear soup with an Asian touch.

Some branches of fresh spinach, three bouquets of cauliflower broken into small pieces, some slices of squash.

A garlic clove, some fresh red chilli,  a thin slice of finely chopped ginger,  some fresh mint leaves, chopped fresh coriander.

Vegetable stock, salt and a couple of black pepper grains.


Prepare 500 ml  of broth using vegetable stock (add the black pepper). In the meantime, heat up around 2 teaspoons of (sesame) oil.  Add the  garlic and chili.

Continue adding the cauliflower and squash and slightly sauté them. Add the fresh spinach and some salt.  As soon as the spinach reduces somewhat  in volume, place the  vegetables into the broth and boil for a few minutes.

Withdraw from the fire and add the ginger,  coriander and mint leaves.

You can decorate the soup with a poached egg and of course, you could add some rice noodles.

Yield:  a big lunch portion for one person, or two starter portions.

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