Chick on a Pea

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The name of this blog is inspired by H.C Andersen’s tale, the Princess on the pea. Nobility has never been of interest to me, but I have always nurtured feelings of sympathy for things green.

There are two elements of this story that I particularly like: the unsollicited guest who knocks on a door in the middle of the night under pouring rain and finds refuge. Hospitality and new encounters are part of the beauty of life; secondly, I do feel for the princess who is tormented by a tiny little pea, hidden under layers and layers of bolsters, because I, myself, can be quite particular about what I like and what I don’t like.

People have often associated me to dishes that I have cooked for them and that I most of the time have no recollection of. You see, my cooking patterns involve a great deal of experimentation.

Although there are many food blogs around, this is a space for me to share my personal vegetarian cooking tales, and pen down success stories, but not only…

I also want to write about what tickles my culinary imagination, tastes that I collect as I travel, products and ingredients that I appreciate and sustainable choices.

So, welcome to the virtual queendom of the pea and its mistress! It will be great to have you along this journey of documentation and exploration. Let’s enjoy every bite of it.

The chick on a pea


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