Vegan squash patties


Squash patties are an iconic summer dish and common fare in the Greek tavernas where they are usually eaten as an appetizer with a side of tzatziki. However, at home we have always served the squash patties with rice and a simple tomato sauce as a main dish. 

Our little allotment has provided us with a generous harvest of squash this year. What an amazing plant! From the tender blossoms to the tasty gourds, our cucurbitaceae plants have been a source of great gardening and culinary joy. 

Some days ago, we collected the very last batch of fruit and I had a 700 g heavy squash in my hands. I decided to cook up some squash patties, kolokithokeftedes, and they turned out oh so tasty! 

The patties are glutenfree, vegan and very easy to make as you will need just a few simple ingredients and some spices. Another bonus is that they are oven-baked.  Preferably use a light green squash variety as opposed to the dark green zucchini.

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Vegan squash patties
Serves 4
delicious and easy to make squash patties
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Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
30 min
Total Time
45 min
Prep Time
15 min
Cook Time
30 min
Total Time
45 min
  1. 60 g soy flour
  2. 700 g squash
  3. 1 small onion
  4. 4 garlic cloves
  5. 4 basil leaves, chopped
  6. 2 tbsp chopped parsley
  7. 1 small tsp salt
  8. 0.5 tsp pepper
  9. 2 tbsp sun dried tomatoes in oil, chopped
  10. 0.5 tsp turmeric
  11. 1 tbsp oil from the sun dried tomatoes
  12. 2 tbsp olive oil
  13. 1-2 tbsp water
  1. Grate the squash and the onion
  2. Place in a colander and squeeze out their juices
  3. Place in a bowl
  4. Chop the basil and the parsley
  5. Mince the garlic cloves
  6. Add the herbs and the garlic to the squash mix
  7. Add the soy flour using a sift to prevent lumps
  8. Add the sun dried tomatoes
  9. Add the salt, black pepper, turmeric, pinch of mint
  10. Add the oil
  11. Mix everything together
  12. If dry, add 1-2 tbsp water
  13. Let the mixture rest while you preheat the oven at 220 degrees (428 F)
  14. Spoon out 16 patties on an oven tray lined with greased parchment paper
  15. Use the spoon to shape them
  16. Place in the oven on the second rack from the bottom
  17. Bake on one side for about 15 min
  18. Take the tray out and flip them around
  19. Bake for another 5-6 minutes or until golden
  1. The baking time depends on your oven
  2. Monitor the patties and take them out the first time after about 15 min and see if they are easy to turn. If they are sticky, they probably need a couple of minutes more
  3. They will bake faster on the second side
  4. Also note that it is the side that is in contact with the tray that bakes and not the "open" one.
  5. Once the patties are a nice golden colour you should take them out because they may burn even if you switch the oven off.
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