A breakfast

New Greeks are not that big on early breakfast. As a school girl, I would always wake up early, eat and then get ready for school.

My classmates would prefer snoozing and then leaving for school on a glass of milk that their mothers would insist on their having, by using the universal technique of nagging; instead, they would still their morning hunger around ten o’clock at recess.

For the people who do not want, or have the time, to eat at home,  there are many options for breakfast on the go, such as savoury and sweet stuffed filo pastry, sesame bread rings and multigrain grissinis. You just need to grab something from the many bakeries available. I used to love fetching freshly baked bread at the start of the day. greekbreakfast_2greekbreakfast_1I remember sitting at a cafe on the island of Sifnos once, chatting with the owner and his friend who was having his morning meal: a Greek coffee, rusks, feta cheese and olives. That must be the most archetypical hellenic breakfast. I can easily imagine Zeus starting his day with that combo, obviously skipping the coffee, all while taking in the breath-taking view from the top of mount Olympus.

Moreover, a very common breakfast choice among common mortals, especially children, is bread with butter and honey. Honey is a reverred food, greatly appreciated in the Greek culinary tradition.

I personally love mixing one teaspoon each of Greek olive oil and honey and spreading it on a piece of dark bread (glutenfree in my case); Tahini and honey is another great nutritious and delicious combination.

If you try it, please combine with a cup of herbal tea made of dittany, mountain tea and sage. Whether you go for the savoury, or sweat option, I guarantee you will feel like a Greek god(ess).


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