Raw brownie fudge

I don’t know why love rimes so well with chocolate, but so be it. Love should do you good – these tender pieces of brownie fudge do not come with empty promises: every square  is a source of essential minerals, fibre and protein.

Rosy brownie1

Rosy brownie2

For around 12 deliciously raw fudgy brownies you will need:

8 pitted semi-dry dates (go for Iranian!!!) soaked in 100 ml water
A 100 ml scoop of almond meal
A 50 ml scoop of cocoa powder
2 tablespoons (50 ml) coconut oil
Compulsory: salted nuts

Pit and soak the dates in the water overnight. Blend the dates with the soaking water using a mixer.

Place the coconut oil in a bain marie until liquid (i.e. in a small recipient immersed in a pot of hot water).

Add the almond meal, the cocoa and the coconut oil to the date mixture. For some extra crunchiness mix in some coarsely chopped salted nuts.

Line a medium size form (rectangular approx. 33*23 cm; 13*9 inches) with greased parchment paper and spread out the brownie dough. Refrigerate for several hours, until the brownies are solid.

Before serving, take out the brownies from the fridge, place them with the paper side up on a serving plate; slowly remove the parchment paper.

Never to late to celebrate love…

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