Sahara breakfast

What’s life without variation?

Letting habit take over is so easy. However,  something tells me that variation is as important as consistency. You don’t want to be all over the place, but you also don’t want to close the door to change and that tingling pleasure of trying something different.moroccanporridge

One way of applying this principle to my life lately, has been varying my breakfast.

Once I make something new that I really like, I dwell on it, I savour  it fully and I master it.  Then I treat my taste-buds to  something else,  knowing that once I return to that previous favourite, I will appreciate it even more.

The leap of the week consisted of jumping from pancakes to Moroccan-style corn porridge, inspired by culinary digressions of a friend.

I soak real organic corn flakes in water over night (0.75 dl corn flakes, 200 ml water) with a hint of salt. In the morning, I add some more water and/or milk, and steam them on low heat in a pot. I add some oil/butter/ghee, some milk (dairy, non-dairy) and two Iranian dates in pieces (each of these dates tastes like the words of a Persian poem).moroccanstyleporridge

Finally, I make myself some steaming hot mint tea and imagine I’m having breakfast under a tent in Sahara.

So mellow, so yellow.

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