Buckwheat flaxseed blinis

This is an easy-peasy recipe for gluten-free, vegan blinis made of buckwheat and flaxseed.

Buckwheat is not a grain, but a fruit-seed. It is reach in flavonoids and minerals and gentle on the tummy and bowels.

The French use buckwheat flour to make galettes, savoury crepes. The Russian transform it into small yeasty pancakes called blinis. blinis

I almost always have a bag of it in my cupboard as it is a basic ingredient in my baking. The blinis are a recent favourite because they are simple to make and versatile at the same time.

For my cute buckwheat blinis, you will need (yields four blinis):

1 tbsp flaxseed & 3 tbsp water
0.5 dl buckwheat, approx 30 gr
0.5 dl water
pinch of salt


  • Mix the lot, and let soak overnight (of course you can also speed soak!).
  • The next day, add a teaspoon of oil to the mix.
  • Heat up a slightly greased skillet. Using a tablespoon, ladle four blinis on the hot surface of the skillet. Bake on both sides until golden.

The taste of the blinis is quite neutral so you can enjoy them with savoury accompaniments such as salad greens, butter and salt, or with some of your favourite jam, maple syrup or the like.

I find that they go very well with tahini (sesame paste) and honey.

Priyatnogo appetita!



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