Salad Wreath

This is a ‘dressed up’ salad inspired by the flower-wreaths that go hand-in-hand with Nordic midsummer celebrations.

Making it is creative and fun, as well as a great opportunity to showcase  some of the nice salad material available around this time of the year.saladwreathpano

Iceberg, roquette, baby spinach, fresh basil and chives made up the foliage.

Baby tomatoes were cut into flowers, fresh beetroot strips were curled into roses and decorated with black olives. A batch of radishes had been carved and put into cold water for some hours to open up like buds.

Finally, a confetti of very finely cut pieces of green pepper, and some rock-salt was strewn over the salad.wreathdetail

For the dressing (added individually): olive oil, lemon juice and fresh basil.

The only  difficult part was deciding who takes first…



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