Flaxseed Buckwheat Pizza

The kitchen is in a shambles with boxes and crates everywhere. Amidst the usual turbulence caused by moving, there was time for a good lunch with flax- seed pizza though.

I quite enjoyed this experiment,  so I am sharing it here, hoping that you will try it and like it. Of course, this is not a pizza exactly like you know it.

Flax-seed  is a very good source of omega-3 essential fatty acids as well as of dietary fiber, vitamin B1,  copper, magnesium, phosphorus, and selenium. The recommended daily dose is at max 2 tbsp per day, because of the small amount of ‘cyanide’ it contains.

Don’t say you chicken out!?flaxseeddoough

Here’s what you need for one portion of pizza dough:

1 tbs crushed flax-seed
1 tbs psyllium seed husks (whole)
6 tbs water
3 tbs buckwheat flour
1 tsp oil
some salt

Suggestion for the topping:

3 canned artichoke hearts – mashed
1 artichoke heart cut into pieces
black olives
olive oil
1/2 onion cut in fine slices


  • Mix the seeds with 6 tablespoons of water and some salt and let soak  (I leave it for a couple of hours, but less will also do). The seeds will absorb the water and become  jellylike.
  • Preheat the oven at 220 C.
  • Add the buckwheat flour and mix. If the mix is too dry, add one more tablespoon of water and the teaspoon of oil until the flour has been incorporated into the mixture.
  • Place the dough on an oven tray lined with parchment paper. A good trick  is to place a layer of parchment paper, smeared with a bit of oil, on top and press the dough to spread it out. Remove the top layer of parchment paper  and correct the shape with a teaspoon if necessary.
  • Place the tray in the middle of the preheated oven for 5 min.
  • Take it out and place the mashed artichokes on top; add some salt and fresh or dried herbs. Decorate with the onions and black olives.
  • Spray a bit of olive oil over the pizza and continue baking it for another 15 min.flaxseedpizzaartichoke


When the pizza is out of the oven,  add some fresh basil leaves and a drizzle of oil. In the pictures you can see the artichoke version, as well as a pesceterian tomato-pepper-and shrimp version.flaxseedpizzatomato

PS: to take advantage of the hot oven and make  a nice accompaniment for the pizza, you could grill some squash/zucchino.

Slice a big zucchino in pieces of approximately 1.5 cm. Mix with a tbs of oil, salt, herbs and 1-2 tbsp of lemon juice. Place the slices on the parchment paper and bake them as you would bake the pizza.

Don’t forget to monitor them. After 15/20 min you will need to turn the pieces around so that they will not burn.  Bake them for around 30 min, or until soft.





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