Cool gingerbread porridge

Spiced cool oat flake porridge is a taste reminiscent of a summer yoga retreat on Crete.  I often soak my breakfast cereal over night, but adding spice definitively elevates the taste.coolgingerbreadporridge

For one person you can try mixing the following ingredients and let them befriend each other while you dream sweet dreams:

1 dl (100 ml) oats
2 dl  water
0.5 tsp ground cardamom or two pods
1 tsp cinnamon or a piece of cinnamon bark
3 cloves
a tiny bit of  (I use the spoon shaft) turmeric
a hint of salt
some powdered ginger or a slice of  fresh ginger
1 tsp flax-seed
1 tsp sunflower seeds
3-4 crushed walnutscoolgingerbreadporridge2

In the  morning you can add  fruit, milk (dairy or non dairy) or fresh juice and garnish with some extra powdered cinnamon.

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