Lime Soda Water

The chickpea came down from a recent  trip to North India slightly roasted: daily temperatures of around 38 degrees found their match in an equally high fever.

What can be more cooling in such a case than some home-made lime soda, or lemon soda, or lime water, or lemon water?

Hope you are not confused.  It is all very simple really. The name is just a reflection of the ingredients you choose to use.

Essentially, you just need some lime or lemon juice, water or soda, honey,  salt and mint-leaves (frozen mint works very well!).

The proportions are a question of personal taste and of what tickles YOUR taste-buds.  I like my soda on the salty side for example.


The juice of lemon/lime is a health booster: alkalizing, detoxifying,  antioxidant, antimicrobial and the list goes on.

Apart from being a natural sweetener with distinguished taste, honey  is antiseptic and antibacterial. It is also a source of minerals such as  iron, calcium, phosphate, sodium chlorine, potassium and magnesium.

Salt is an important electrolyte and a great taste enhancer.

And of course. Water is Water.

I rest my case.










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