Corn flake cappuccino porridge

Porridge is admittedly an excellent breakfast choice.

This porridge is made out of organic natural corn flakes, not to be confused with the famous processed breakfast cereal (see here).

Let 4 table-spoons of flakes soak in 16 tbsp of water (see 1:3) overnight with a hint of salt. In the morning,  transfer to a cooking pot, adding 6 spoons of water and some salt. Heat the mixture up, stir, turn off the heat  and let expand  for some minutes. Add a small piece of butter, or some neutral oil for the taste.


Heat up a cup of milk (dairy or non dairy, I used oat milk) and froth it. The thicker the foam the better.

Serve the corn porridge in a deep plate and spoon the foamed milk over it.

Mellow, Yellow and Yummy.


Some facts about corn:

The fibre contained  in corn acts in support of friendly bacteria in our large intestine. Corn provides many B-complex vitamins including B1, B5 and folic acid. It is a good source of protein and manganese – a bone-building mineral. Yellow corn is  also rich in carotenoids.  Just feel the goodness.


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