Happea Easter

The Chick on a Pea is in the subcontinent if you did not know. As I write, she has packed her bag and is  ready to take off for a three-day “vacation” at the Karnataka coast.

She is taking a train to Udipea with Malpea beach as her final destination…

She is looking forward to open landscapes, good company and things that tickle the taste buds.

Easter is a magic time of the year. Just make sure to breathe in the spring and think about the wonder of renewal. From the outside that surrounds us, to the inside that makes us who we are.


This is a time for wildflowers, long and light days, sunbeams reflected on white snow, swallows flying high and birds nesting. Wherever you are there will be things beautiful.

Oh, and amidst the cooking frenzy that usually comes together with holidays – do not forget to  finish your vegetables…

Not because you have to, but simply because they are DELICIOUS.

See you soon,

The Chick on a Pea



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    Just want to share the Easter greetings from Chick on a pea, vegetarian and glutenfree cooking blog. The chick has a small sari and jewels, I think she’s lovely, don’t you? Stay tuned for some vegetable frenzy.

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